Canadian Regulators Provide Clarity on Stablecoin Regulations for Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Issuers

Oct 6, 2023

Understanding the CSA’s Stance

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), the umbrella organization representing securities regulators across Canada’s provinces and territories, has issued important guidance concerning the trading and issuance of stablecoins, referred to as “value-referenced crypto assets.” This guidance is of particular significance to the cryptocurrency industry.

On October 5th, the CSA released a comprehensive clarification outlining its interim approach to value-referenced crypto assets, with a specific focus on stablecoins. The document elaborates on the conditions that exchanges and cryptocurrency issuers must adhere to when dealing with these assets.

In February, the CSA restated its position that stablecoins “may constitute securities and/or derivatives.” This classification had previously led to Canadian crypto exchanges being prohibited from trading these assets. However, there is a potential for change under certain circumstances.

According to the recent CSA clarification, if issuers maintain an appropriate reserve of assets with a qualified custodian, and if cryptocurrency exchanges offering stablecoins make specific information related to governance, operations, and asset reserves publicly available, then the CSA could consider allowing the trading of these assets.

“This interim framework, which we will build upon in the future, sets certain standards to help ensure that investors receive the information they need about the assets they are purchasing, including the risks associated with them,” said CSA Chair and CEO of the Alberta Securities Commission, Stan Magidson.

While the CSA is taking steps towards providing clarity in the cryptocurrency space, it also emphasized that even if stablecoins meet the specified criteria, they remain inherently risky assets. Investors are cautioned not to perceive them as endorsed or risk-free investments.

Additional CSA Guidance on Crypto Assets

Earlier in July, the CSA had issued guidance related to staking within the cryptocurrency sector. The guidance acknowledged that staking was allowed but highlighted certain limitations on lending opportunities. Additionally, it emphasized that the proportion of “illiquid” assets held must be restricted to ensure market stability and investor protection.

Stablecoin Market Capitalization Trends

The stablecoin market has witnessed notable changes over the past 18 months. As of the latest data, stablecoin market capitalization stands at approximately $123 billion, representing around 11% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization. These figures underscore the growing significance of stablecoins in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.


The CSA’s recent guidance on value-referenced crypto assets, specifically stablecoins, reflects the evolving regulatory landscape in Canada’s cryptocurrency industry. By setting conditions and standards for trading and issuing stablecoins, the CSA aims to strike a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring investor protection. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, regulatory bodies like the CSA play a crucial role in shaping its future.

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